About Uniberry 3D

Uniberry 3D is a small company created by Sarah.

Passionate about baking (especially eating them 😜) and new technologies, creating cookie cutters seemed obvious to me! So it occurred to me to launch Uniberry 3D. With a degree in hypermedia and a master's degree in publishing, I am what we call a “jack of all trades”. The cookie cutters that I offer you are modeled by hand on software, they are unique pieces ! After the design, each cookie cutter goes through my hands for finishing touches, which take some time, but that's the charm of artisanal work . 

Indeed, each cookie cutter is made by hand , by me, but also by my partner who accompanies me from time to time around this project (the advantage of being a family passionate about technology and computing, but also handmade work). 

All cookie cutters are made with love so, thank you for your support , your orders, your feedback and your messages full of love. All this is important to us, little creators! 

What are cookie cutters made of?

  • Our cookie cutters are made from PLA, a fully biodegradable material of plant origin, commonly using corn starch as raw material. Our PLA is also “FOOD SAFE” certified.

  • The cookie cutters are designed by hand one by one to guarantee their quality, solidity and precision of the designs. They are designed in our small workshop in Rhône-Alpes . Your cookie cutters are entirely made by Uniberry 3D from A to Z! It starts from the idea, drawing, 3D modeling to finishing.

  • Heat deforms PLA above 50°C, the cookie cutters are not dishwasher or oven safe . Wash them carefully by hand in soapy water.

Our recommendations :

  • Use yeast-free shortbread dough to prevent the visual from being distorted by the rising dough.
  • The ideal dough thickness to use our cookie cutters is 0.5 cm