How to use stencils?

The stencils have arrived in the store ! Perhaps you fell for one (or more) of them and would like all the tips to make your drawing as successful as possible? You are in the right place!

Below is a small diagram that I created to help you as much as possible:

coffee stencils stencil coffee

To sum up :

- You need a good layer of milk foam or whipped cream that you spread with a spoon. For milk foam, it is necessary to have at least an electric milk frother.

- The milk foam should be to the brim of your cup. The goal is for there to be as little space between the stencil and the foam. Be careful, the stencil must NOT touch the milk foam. This information is important so that your drawing is as precise as possible.

- Use a sieve for your cocoa. The powder should be as fine as possible to avoid large pastes. Sprinkle high, not too close to the stencil. Place a tray under your cup, this will avoid getting cocoa everywhere.

- Rinse your stencil with cold water. It cannot withstand heat and risks deforming.

Well, it's okay if you don't succeed the first time! I had to get the hang of it so that my drawings were precise. Be aware, however, that whipped cream is much easier to work with than milk foam if you are a beginner.

And then, your coffees will be so Instagrammable 😇☕️💕

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